50 individual graphics to create your own design arrangement and layout.

This clipart illustration set was hand drawn using digital watercolor brushes. It was inspired by pink, purple, lavender, yellow and mauve color palette. 

The illustrations are: 
- Floral elements (with individual flowers, flower bouquets, floral wreaths); 
- Pink jacket, a velvet skirt, bows and socks; 
- Blond, red head and brunette girls; different skin colors from caucasian to african american. 
- Vintage borders.

♥ PNG File format at 300 dpi (Larger images at 2400 pixels )

♥ Terms of Use ♥

* * *
You may use them:
- For personal use
- Incorporated in your own artwork (as a smaller aspect to an overall larger design)

You may NOT:
- Claim it as yours
- Sell it as is
- Sell as a part of any other clipart or anything else of that nature
- Share, transfer, or redistribute it in any other way on its own (even for free)
- Cannot be used in an artwork or product where the item contributes to the core value of the artwork being sold

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If the usage of the product is part of the process of you directly or indirectly making money, then it's considered a commercial use.
In case of commercial use, please be advised you have to purchase a Commercial License:

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